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Spikenard - 100% Pure Essential Oil


Used in India as a perfume oil and health-supporting her and skin tonic Spikenard was revered during the days of Christ’s life and used as a holy anointing oil. This was the oil used by Mary of Bethany to anoint the feet of Jesus before the Last Supper and is referred to in the bible at least seven times.

Properties: Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Deodorant, Immune, Relaxant, Tonic

Historical Uses for Well Being: Candida, Circulation (poor), Colic, Constipation, Digestive system, Flatulence, Heart arrhythmias, Heart conditions, Hemorrhoids, Insomnia, Meditation, Menopause/premenopausal, Menstrual cycle regulation (loss of), Menstrual pain, Nausea, Nerve support, Rash, Relaxation, Skin (reviatlizing), Staph infection, Stress, Tachycardia, Tension, Varicose veins , Wound (infection)